Are There Any ?s: Living & Leading with an Inquisitive Spirit (Ebook)

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Are There Any ?s: Living & Leading with an Inquisitive Spirit (Ebook)
Are There Any ?s: Living & Leading with an Inquisitive Spirit (Ebook)
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Living and leading with an inquisitive spirit has driven some of the most creative minds in history. Michael Michalko, author of Cracking Creativity, says, "Certainly, a key characteristic of all geniuses is their intense child-like curiosity and a high degree of inquiry." Leonardo da Vinci, Aristotle, Albert Einstein, and George Washington Carver are all said to have had heightened levels of curiosity that fueled their respective endeavors. Many have climbed to amazing heights of accomplishment because they were driven by curiosity, a belief they could accomplish what they set out to accomplish, and a relentless determination to do so. Inquisitive living and leading is nothing new. However, deliberately doing so by the masses is something yet to be seen. 

This book is about asking questions, getting great answers, and using those answers to deliver the best possible results. Are There Any ?s will help you:

  1. Make better decisions and overcome weaknesses that tend to lead to costly errors both personally and professionally
  2. Leverage your experience and expertise to create bridges rather than barriers between you and others
  3. Get the people around you to see & seize opportunities to advance your organization
  4. Accelerate your rate of personal development
  5. Get your team unstuck and generate perpetual momentum and continual progress

If you desire to heighten personal wellness, creativity, conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and organizational performance, then Are There Any ?s is the book for you! 

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