Inquisitive Leadership

Based on Pastor Clarke's book, Are There Any ?s: Living and Leading with an Inquisitive Spirit, this seminar gives the benefits of asking the right questions that drive the best results. Get the best answers and implement them with the best practices in order to achieve optimal results in the areas of creativity, innovation, and well-being. Develop a culture of curiosity in your organization where inquiry and continual improvement is the way of doing business.

Leading While Grieving

Inspired by the loss of his dad in 2007 and mom in 2009, Pastor Clarke shares critical principles for leaders who experience significant loss and still have to move their organizations forward. This three-hour seminar shares what helps leaders grieve, regain focus, and resume decision making responsibilities. Here is what one participant had to say about Leading While Grieving:

"Pastor Clarke, you truly inspired and motivated me to come back to life. It is very difficult to lead while grieving, but I am now motivated to lead after this conference." A.M., San Diego, CA

Press On! Aggressive Personal Development for Peak Performance

Leaders may have vision for their organizations, but not too many have one for their character. Leading is more about being and becoming than doing. Inspired by the writings of the Apostle Paul, this three-hour seminar shares principles for aggressive personal growth especially for those extremely busy leading growing organizations. 

Five Keys to Leading a Turn Around

Effectively leading organizational improvement is as easy as doing a u-turn with an aircraft carrier. These three-hour sessions empower leaders to examine themselves and exercise the skills necessary to transform failing teams and organizations into champions.


Pastor Clarke and son, David II, goofing off before an Inquisitive Leadership Seminar in Greenville, SC in 2013.

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