Courses Offered

The Clarkehouse Learning Center offers the following courses to empower you to maximize your personal and professional potential. All courses are facilitated by Pastor David Anthony Clarke and are projected to begin in January 2015. 

Starting Over: Five Weeks to a New Direction in Life

Course Description: Retiring soon? Dissatisfied with your current occupation and need the proper motivation to do what really thrills you? This course, based on Pastor Clarke's first book, Starting Over: Five Keys to a New Direction in Life, is designed to empower people to take the first steps toward what will bring meaning, satisfaction, and world-changing, relentless drive.

There will be some live discussions via conference call and others through the discussion board. Some lectures will be presented live and others pre-recorded and available for download.

Required Texts: There are no required texts for this course. Having a Bible handy will help, though.


1. Develop a tougher mind to move toward what you really want

2. Develop a step-by-step plan and set goals toward the desired outcome

3. Take action step(s) toward the desired outcome

4. Receive the motivation to take action and continually move forward 


Leading Change: Five Weeks to Leading a Turn Around

Course Description: Does your team, marriage, ministry, or life need dramatic improvement? Lead your situation in a 180 degree turn from awful to awesome or good to great with five weeks of training and motivation to make sustained improvement happen. Ask powerful questions and implement the answers to create an improvement strategy that turns things around for the better.

Required Texts: There are no required texts for this course. Having a Bible handy will help, though.


1. Identify and overcome self-defeating behaviors

2. Develop a winning strategy for measurable and sustainable performance improvement

3. Enlist the assistance of power brokers to help make improvement happen

4. Articulate a clear, compelling vision for the future that provides hope, healing, and dramatic results


Inquisitive Leadership

Course Description: This course is designed to empower leaders to make better decisions, develop healthy cultures, and foster continual personal growth and organizational improvement by asking and answering potent questions. Enhance team creativity and innovation by developing cultures of curiosity. Ask more questions than average leaders ask. Get more answers than average leaders get. Make better decisions than average leaders make. 

Required Texts: Pastor Clarke's Are There Any ?s


1. Heighten emotional intelligence with increased self-awareness

2. Make better decisions through courageous curiosity

3. Alleviate wasting time and resources

4. See and seize opportunties by overcoming Inquiry Deficiency Syndrome (IDS)


Press On!

Course Description: If you want to grow by leaps and bounds, then this is the course for you! Based on the writings of the Apostle Paul, this course is for those willing to commit to aggressive personal development. Devise and commit to a personal growth plan. Become and accomplish more than you ever could have imagined through this powerful course. 

Required Texts: None. A Bible will come in handy, though.


1. Overcome what holds you back from living the life of your dreams

2. Devise and commit to a personal growth plan

3. Identify and leverage your strengths to your advantage

4. Construct the attitude and actions for happiness, productivity, and prosperity



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