Seven Keys to Motivating the People You Lead by Pastor David Anthony Clarke

Friday, May 30, 2014 • Pastor David Clarke • Emotional Needs
Keeping people motivated is critical. Here are seven keys to making it happen and keeping people on fire!
Motivation, basically, is the desire to do things. It comes from within and we can influence our own levels of motivation and self-control. Leaders still need to do everything possible to motivate people to do their best. Here are seven keys to help us.
1.    Give Them the Right Job to Do
Mediocre performance is sometimes the result of someone doing a job that is not ideally suited for them. Position people according to their strengths, gifts, passions, and potential and watch them shine.

2.    Give Them Space
Studies show that people who are given autonomy to choose projects to work on are more creative. Sometimes people are fired up and more creative when they're given the space, with clearly established parameters, to periodically do what they want with their time at work. 

3.    Give Them Love
Show your people you care about them. Respect them. Be fair and understanding. Be firm when necessary. Love in the workplace can work wonders in bringing out the best in people.

4.    Give Them a Listening Ear
Listen to ideas, feedback, and constructive criticism and you'll see people investing heavy doses of enthusiasm in what they do. Performance will soar through the roof!  

5.    Give Them Appreciation 
Express your gratitude for jobs well done. When people do not feel appreciated they tend to update their resumes and seek greener pastures elsewhere. 

6.    Give Them Meaning
Research shows that work attached to significance, meaning, and purpose can sometimes outweigh money as a factor in motivating people to perform at their peak. Inquisitive leaders give their people compelling answers to questions like, "Why are we doing this?" and "What difference are we making?" 

7.    Give Them a Great Atmosphere
Leaders set the atmosphere for their people. Ensure you and everyone around you serves as thermostats to set the temperature just right so everyone delivers quality work on a consistent basis. Watch your reactions. Control your temper. Do not allow a smile to be foreign to your face. Share a good laugh from time to time. Show them you can take a joke, too. I am the victim of height jokes all the time at Union Grove. Set a great atmosphere and achieve results that are exceedingly abundantly above all you could ask or think (Eph. 3:20). 

I believe these seven keys give leaders the right to expect the best from their people. Put them to work and watch how people will work for you! Enjoy the journey!

David Anthony Clarke, Sr.
Clarkehouse Ministries


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